Windy Acres Kennels Inside/Outside Kennels

Our boarding facilities for dogs consists of indoor and outdoor runs for each dog. The indoor runs are 4′ X 8′ long, and the adjoining outdoor run is 4′ X 12′ long. Our kennel is completely heated and air conditioned, and all fencing that we use is galvanized heavy duty chain link, not the aluminum weaker type fencing.

Each dog has access to the indoor or outdoor runs throughout most days unless we are heating or air conditioning the facility during seasonal temperature changes, then we periodically let the dogs have access to the outdoor portion of their individual runs to have their outside time.


The boarding rate for dogs is $18.00 a day for one dog, $32 for two dogs and $14 more for the 3rd dog sharing the same run. In addition to your dogs indoor-outdoor run it will also cover a choice of Iams or Purina foods & a complimentary bath before your dog goes home. We have a 2 day minimum fee. Kennel decks are in all runs and a rug or blanket is provided at no extra charge. You are welcome to bring some comforts from home for your dog such as; their own blanket, toys, treats or own food if you do not wish to change your dog’s diet.

Required vaccinations for dogs:
Current (within one year) Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella
Current (within three years) Rabies

Proof of vaccines from a veterinarian will be required before admittance of your dog to the kennel, either the vaccine records or a phone call from the clinic, or a fax with current vaccines recorded from the veterinarian.

Rates as of July 1, 2017
Boarding fees: $18.00 per dog, per day, $32 for two dogs per day, and a discounted rate of $13 more for the 3rd dog sharing the same run.

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